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18 Dec 2017

Do you want to get the best commodity mould? Well, in this case the manufacturer needs to use high-quality materials along with an improved moulding process. In this case, materials are usually chosen in accordance of the commodity type. For more info about commodity moulding, please refer to

Tips for improving commodity moulding:

There are some commonest strategies by means of which the quality and durability of commodity moulds are being improved and they are as follows:

·         The accumulated materials need to be tested thoroughly in order to verify the actual quality and texture. If the manufacturers find the quality suitable then only they are allowed using...

24 Jun 2017

Commodity mould can broadly be defined as the process of injecting material like thermoplastic polymer into the molding cavity to make plastic products and several other components. It is most dominantly used for plastic containers and lightweight products due to cost effective rates.

Helpful guidelines that need to be kept in mind:

  • The commodity mould is dependent on the commodities that are highly in demand in the market. If you are a mould manufacturer you must make your products in tandem with these demands and also add new and innovative features to your mould to make them interesting.
  • To make this mould you must not only keep in mind the utility of the product but also the aesthetic side of the...

18 May 2017

Commodity mould machine is called injection moulding machine which is used to make automobile parts, plastic products and different elements by using material like thermoplastic polymer in moulding cavity. 

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process starts when the liquid is filled into the barrel. The material is mixed and is turned into the old cavity. Hard and granulated plastic elements are liquefied into soft form. By this process, the design of the moulding machine is converted into the manufactured product.

Popularity of Plastic Injection Mould

Plastic injection mould becomes very much popular in these days. The process can be used to make system containers and packaging techniques....

11 Apr 2017

Commodity mould can be of different designs and these designs help in the effective fulfilment of the purposes. There are some specific designing guidelines that need to be strictly maintained by the manufacturers. There are different factors that directly influence the mould designs and if you want to know about those factors then you are requested visiting the link at HQMOULD.

Factors influencing designs

·       Market trends are one of the most important factors that influence the designs of commodity...

26 Dec 2016

With the increase of automobiles hitting the roads today, the use of commodity moulds has also increased manifold. It is a special type of injection molding technique used for making plastic products, automobile parts along with other components by the insertion of thermoplastic polymers into the molding cavity. Immediately after the liquid is poured, the manufacturing activity begins by the intermixing of both fresh and old liquids and ensuring that the mixture gets strongly set into the barrel. Therefore, the necessary mould products are ready to go after the liquid injected solidifies with the help of a little pressure and finally taking the required shape. China is one of the topmost countries to have...

21 Nov 2016

Commodity mould is used to build up various daily necessities, like buckets, toilet seats, and other kinds of materials. Different types of materials are made from different molds. And there is a specific industry that builds various types of molds. These molds later make a different kind of things. Various products are made from pipe fitting mold, auto part mold, chair mold and pallet mold, home appliance mold. From this mold, secondary industries build our daily necessities.

So many professionals are involved in manufacturing. And there is an entirely different industry that participates in making various types of mold. Some companies are in the plastic injection mold.

Chinese Commodity Mould...

15 Jun 2016

We use different products in our daily life such as chairs, tables, containers, tools etc. These products form an indispensable part of our life thus the demand for such commodities is soaring day by day. In the 21st century manufactures of different objects make use of individual moulds which are specially designed for making such items. These moulds take up lesser time and resources as compared to the traditional methods of manufacture.

Types of moulds:

There are different types of commodity mould available in...