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23 Aug 2017

The manufacture of different products needs different varieties of moulds. Material type used for the making a mould is completely dependent on the product that will be made using the mould. Auto parts mould are mould varieties considered so very important that they are used throughout the world on a regular basis for manufacturing different varieties of products in different designs and sizes. Nevertheless, such moulds need to be very strong specifically if they are to be used for making huge products....

26 Jun 2017

Auto parts mould is basically automotive parts and components mould which is an integral part of the cover mould. For the smooth and safe functioning of a car, all big international manufacturing companies are in a need of good quality auto parts mould manufacturer. For getting a detailed knowledge about these moulds you can refer to

There are some pointers that one must keep in mind

  • Sieve through a few auto mould companies and gather a few samples according to your needs and...

26 Apr 2017

All car-manufacturing companies of the modern era are in need of high-quality auto parts mould. Not all manufacturers are capable of producing these moulds thus you should look for the right one. In this respect, you are strongly referred to click on HQMOULD for extracting more facts about auto moulds.

Tips for getting best auto-moulds:

·       You should go for the right mould-manufacturer first and then you should ask for the samples. The samples can be used for the purpose of trial. If your...

17 Feb 2017

If you are looking for Auto Parts Mould for your products, then here is a good news for you. The leading plastic manufacturer in China offers excellent service in the regard. This company has experience for about 40 years and they aim at customer satisfaction to the highest level. The main software which they use to design their products are PRO/UG/CMT and CAD/CAM/CAE. These are said to be some of the best technologically advanced software in manufacturing these plastic moulds.

Get Moulds in Affordable Rates

It is absolutely ensured by this company that your money is spent in the right way and is not wasted. The entire manufacturing process extends for the building up of projects to the dispatching of...

28 Jan 2017

Are you spending sleepless nights, thinking about getting the best service provider in the automotive parts moulding sector? If the answer to the question is yes, then this blog will come to your rescue.

Understanding the concept

When discussing automotive parts moulding, you need to understand what it is. This is the most important part of the cars. It is also known as cover moulds. These moulds are used for injecting the plastic and creating the parts of the cars. With the advancements, which have been made in the moulding industry, associated with cars, the popularity of using these kinds of plastic injected moulds have increased with leaps and bounces.

Choosing the best of the rest

There are...

30 Dec 2016

Today, there is always a constant need of auto parts mould for the automotives or vehicles, home appliances, pipes and fittings, etc. Owing to the increasing use of cars and other vehicles by the all and sundry today, the requirement has increased manifold and especially in China, where there is a huge crowd of cars throughout the year.

Various types available in the market

A variety of mould-manufacturing machines are found in the mould manufacturing shops that use high end use of technology for product development, mould design and mould development. There are customized mould-manufacturing machines for different purposes such as milling machines, engraving machines, wire-cutting machines and the...

14 Oct 2016

Auto parts mould help in the manufacture of automobile parts like car exterior, interiors, trims, bumpers, car doors, instrument panels, tail light, grilles, fenders, spoilers and lights. The mould making machine is employed to carry out process like injection molding where the material is fed into the cavity and then cooled. When it comes to the machine, China mould manufacturers play a very vital role. Although the techniques of making moulds have been there since the ages, with the passage of time, new technologies have been introduced. It is not intimidating to find the manufacturers of mould machines since you can use the internet for doing so. To make the automobile parts as per the...

22 Aug 2016

Now finding a high quality plastic injection mould is no longer a hard task. All thanks to HQ MOULD one of the leading injection mould manufacturers. Located in Taizhou Huangyan, the firm specializes in manufacturing a wide range of plastic injection mould including Auto Parts Mould, pipe fitting mould, furniture mould, logistic mould, thin wall mould, household mould and much more.

HQMOULD has been providing high quality injection mould since 1970. Over the years the firm has offered its services to numerous...

24 Jun 2016

Auto mould is the most vital part of the spread mould. Such shape are primarily Die. "Auto mould" in the wide sense is the general term for all parts of the mould producing autos. For instance, stamping kicks the bucket, infusion moulds, fashioning bites the dust, throwing wax, glass moulds. Obviously, not just have an auto on the auto body stamping. All car stamping bites the dust are called "car stamping kicks the bucket." Is summed up

·       Auto mould is a general term for all parts of the mould fabricating autos.

·       Auto mould is punching kick the bucket stamping bites the dust stamping on all autos.

·       Auto body stamping kicks the bucket are stamped car auto body stamping passes...

13 May 2016

As fascinating the cars and automobiles appear equally fascinating are the ways and the technology using which they are made. Automotive Parts moulding refers to the process which is used for manufacturing various parts of automobiles mainly cars. The body development, manufacturing of automobile panels, assembling and welding fixtures are some activities which are possible through the molding.

All the major parts like car door frames, engines, windows, front body and side body, etc are made using