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18 Jul 2017

China is the market for the world due to its reasonably priced high quality products. All plastic mould China companies have their own team of designers and HQ Mould is one of them. This design team has the expertise and know-how to be able to work on any type of design project no matter how complex it is.

These designers use CAD software and also provide manual drawings for their customers who know about the entire process of mould making from buying of the steel to the testing of the mould. They are also able to provide a fast prototyping and once the product is designed they will work out the most cost effective and efficient method of manufacturing your plastic products. Hence they don’t just provide the moulds but also help you in maintaining the quality of your products.

Plastic injection moulding

This process depends on the company that is producing the plastic products. Most usually it involves melting the pellets of plastic till they become soft enough to be injected into the mould that you wish to use. The plastic slowly hardens in the mould and the shape of the mould is copied in the plastic to the smallest detail. Once the plastic is totally cool and set, the mould is opened and out comes the plastic product. Although this process sounds easy when you hear about it, it is quite labor intensive and time consuming. There is a lot involved in the process right from the melting of the plastic pellets to the opening of the mould and revealing the plastic product of your choice.


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