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15 Jun 2016

We use different products in our daily life such as chairs, tables, containers, tools etc. These products form an indispensable part of our life thus the demand for such commodities is soaring day by day. In the 21st century manufactures of different objects make use of individual moulds which are specially designed for making such items. These moulds take up lesser time and resources as compared to the traditional methods of manufacture.

Types of moulds:

There are different types of commodity mould available in the market such as

·       Pipe fitting mould:  The Elbow mould has two cavities and is made up of Germany 2316 material and it runs automatically.

·       Auto moulds: commonly used for manufacture of automobile parts this mould run on 2300T injection machine and has a life of about 150000 shots.  This mould runs manually.

·       Household Mould: manufacture of different household articles takes place with the help of such moulds. There are different varieties of household moulds which are specifically designed for the manufacture of particular items.

·       Crate mould: the most popular type of this mould is the beer crate mould which has singular mould cavity and can produce beer crate for holding 12 bottles. It runs semi automatically on 780T injection machine and the ejection system is stripper plate.

·       Chair mould: this mould is particularly designed for the manufacture of chairs used in home. The suitable machinery for this mould is the 1000T injection machine and the runner System is called Edge gate hot runner. This uses Hydraulic cylinder ejection system.

Another type of HQMould is the thin wall mould which is used for manufacturing disposable containers and food packing boxes.


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