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13 May 2016

As fascinating the cars and automobiles appear equally fascinating are the ways and the technology using which they are made. Automotive Parts moulding refers to the process which is used for manufacturing various parts of automobiles mainly cars. The body development, manufacturing of automobile panels, assembling and welding fixtures are some activities which are possible through the molding.

All the major parts like car door frames, engines, windows, front body and side body, etc are made using automotive parts moulding. Such car and automotive parts, moldings have high scratch resistance and resistance towards extreme weather as well due to poly vinyl chloride material used during the manufacturing process.

It is a well known fact that Chinese firms have a world class quality and edge in the business of automotive parts moulding and one of such firms is HQMOULD very popular from around 4 decades as they have been supplying all kinds of automotive moulds as per the requirements of the customers and have been maintaining superior quality too.

The production lines have these days become fully automatic now and multiple lines can be started at one time and minimum checks and interferences are required for the manufacturing process to be carried out. And this automation has also resulted in reduction of the labor costs, which has increased the profitability of this business for sure. Various designs and styles can be materialized by inserting different raw materials into one single mould. So experience the new technology by going for such high class automotive parts.


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